Volvo V90 and a historical line up of Volvo estate models by Volvo Press


You may have noticed I am currently not a fan of Volvo. But Volvo does have a lot of nice safety features and they are still in business. So there is a huge chance that somewhere in the future a Volvo will stand on our driveway. Classic A very long time ago there was a […]

Cruiseship in Stavanger by Anders Nielsen/Innovation Norway

Travel wishlist

Since summer 2016 we are thinking about destinations or ways of traveling that we want on our travel wishlist. As I love Scandinavia and does not have much with countries outside Europe I have only trips to Scandinavia on my travel wishlist. I can think of other destinations and we will have trips to other […]

Our SAAB 9-5ng on a ferry in Scandinavia.

How to travel to Scandinavia by car

To travel to Scandinavia by car you will always have the option to go by road, but depending on the destination it can take a long extra drive. So in this post I want to show you the best options depending on a global destination and starting within continental Europe. I will also get your […]

SAAB 96 V4 marriage

Our SAAB 96 V4

My first car and SAAB is a type 96. And it has the V4 engine. This SAAB has been bought by my parents in 1991, as a second car. When buying this SAAB 96 V4 it wasn’t original anymore. It had already the bumpers from the last model year instead of the original chrome bumpers. […]

Our SAAB 9-5ng on a ferry in Scandinavia.

Destination Scandinavia

Scandinavia exists of several countries in the north part of Europe. There are several thoughts about which countries are part of Scandinavia. For us Scandinavia exists of Finland, Sweden, Norway including Svalbard, Denmark including Faroe Islands and Iceland. So you can expect information from these countries. And as we living in The Netherlands we will […]

SAAB 900S 1993

Our SAAB 900S

As a second car we drive a SAAB 900S from 1993. This 900 is from the last year this classic model was built (except the convertible which was build a year longer). We have the 5-door version, which is great for a family. In the beautiful color Ruby red. Standard equipment This last year (and […]

2016 SAAB's

Our cars (mostly SAAB)

I do love the Swedish brand SAAB already for a long time. Beginning of the 80’s my parents switched from Citroën to SAAB and I have always felt more safe in a SAAB. That is one of the reasons I still drive SAAB although production is stopped already years ago and no new car will […]

SAAB 9-5ng with dimmed lightbar.

Lightbar dimmed on a SAAB 9-5ng

Unfortunately the lightbar (or ledbar) of our SAAB is dimmed since 31 December 2016. There are a few options to have it repaired. Sadly buying a new one at your local dealer is not one of them. Since I am living in The Netherlands my area of repair options are restricted to The Netherlands, Germany […]