Cruiseship in Stavanger by Anders Nielsen/Innovation Norway

Travel wishlist

Since summer 2016 we are thinking about destinations or ways of traveling that we want on our travel wishlist. As I love Scandinavia and does not have much with countries outside Europe I have only trips to Scandinavia on my travel wishlist. I can think of other destinations and we will have trips to other […]

Our SAAB 9-5ng on a ferry in Scandinavia.

How to travel to Scandinavia by car

To travel to Scandinavia by car you will always have the option to go by road, but depending on the destination it can take a long extra drive. So in this post I want to show you the best options depending on a global destination and starting within continental Europe. I will also get your […]

Our SAAB 9-5ng on a ferry in Scandinavia.

Destination Scandinavia

Scandinavia exists of several countries in the north part of Europe. There are several thoughts about which countries are part of Scandinavia. For us Scandinavia exists of Finland, Sweden, Norway including Svalbard, Denmark including Faroe Islands and Iceland. So you can expect information from these countries. And as we living in The Netherlands we will […]