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Issues with acceleration on a SAAB 9-5ng

In November 2016 after maintenance on the heated seats the car did barely respond on the gaspedal. Reading out the error tells us to replace the gaspedal. So a second hand gaspedal was bought and after the switch all looks fine.

However a few weeks later starting the car warm there was an ESP warning. Driving away there was no issue, so perhaps a one time? But later the evening again the same situation happened. Still without any issues we drove home.

Again a couple of weeks later starting the car warm and there was a Immediate Service Required error and ESP warning message. Driving away it didn’t felt as normal as it should be. The engine holds in, but after a few hundred meters all the problems were gone.

But after that it was getting worse. First only with a warm car and then it was getting as worse as when the gaspedal was replaced. Later also with cold engine.

What was done to solve the acceleration issue

We started with replacing the gaspedal. Since the problem came back I did not want just swapping out al the electronics we started with the accu. There are so many stories with strange errors where the accu is the issue. And since I only know it is not the original accu we exchanged the accu with loaner from the dealer. But the issue was still there, so the gaspedal was checked again. All the checks show that the gaspedal is given the correct information. So next would be exchanging the maincomputer (ECU).

Fixing the acceleration issue

Before exchanging the maincomputer (secondhand was not available) the dealer checked the wires between gaspedal and maincomputer. They were able to get the error and solve the error just by turning all the wires. So the dealer put in a new wire.

Errorcodes related to acceleration issue

There were errorcodes, however since the problem was a broken wire these errorcodes do not tell you much. The errorcodes were: U0100, P2127 and P2138.


This issue is one of the problems we had in our first year of owning this SAAB 9-5ng. For all the details about our 9-5ng, see the post Our SAAB 9-5ng and why did we bought this specific one.

2 thoughts on “Issues with acceleration on a SAAB 9-5ng”

  1. Great narrative and explanation of the original problem, and the trail followed to find a solution. Kudos to your tech for double checking the basics,… even in (maybe especially in!) a sophisticated electronically controlled vehicle like this, a bad wire is still a bad wire! This sort followup should become part of a resource library drivers of this car can turn to when problems present. It is clear that there are a limited number of technicians with enough experience on this car to assure they are able to solve all failures. Thanks Maarten!

    1. Thank you for your great comment. I agree that we need a library, so hopefully lots of these beautiful cars will be available as classics in the future.

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